Lyn and Lee: Bummies and more - An American Family Business

Go look in your closet right now, and look at the tags on your clothing. When is the last time you can remember an item of clothing bearing the label 'Made in the USA'?

Does it matter? Only if it matters to you.

Earlier this year, I looked at the other branded clothes that I was re-selling. Although I love love LOVE (and still do) the items in the featured collection that I chose to add to my store, I thought "wouldn't it be great if I could make my own clothes and sell articles that are made in America?"

I decided to make an adjustment to our business this year: to try and make much of our own clothing and accessories.

So, I started cutting fabric, sat down at the sewing machine, and got to work on my first set of Bummies. I adjusted sizing until I got the fit I like, worked on heat pressing designs. No joke, this is work, and a little different from the re-sell boutique business, but it also  feels so much more gratifying to me to finish a product, and place the 'Lyn and Lee - Made in the USA' tag on it.

Each purchase you make supports people just like you - working, making, building opportunities here in America.

...and where ever you live in the world, we'd be more than happy to make some bummies just for you and ship them your way!

Stay cute, stay friends, stay safe.

Lyn and Lee